the management team

marco g.
maria pia
paz cortes

Founder and CEO

Marco Monroy is Founder and CEO of MGM Innova Capital and serves as the Chairman of the MGM Sustainable Energy Fund (MSEF), providing strategic guidance to the MSEF while overseeing deal origination and managing key relationships with local partners, investors and co-investors. He is also the founder and CEO of MGM Innova, LLC, a multinational firm specializing in integrated sustainability and climate change services that facilitate a transition towards a low carbon economy. In the year 2000 Mr. Monroy founded MGM International Group, a company that under his leadership became one of the foremost carbon project developers in the world, and in 2007 co-founded Mentez LLC, a leading social applications publisher in Latin America. Prior to that he worked as an advisor on climate change issues to the Japanese government.

Mr. Monroy is an attorney licensed to practice law in Colombia and the State of New York. In 2002, the World Economic Forum named Mr. Monroy one of the 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow.