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Investment Director Colombia Office

Alejandro Paz is an Investment Director at MGM Innova Capital’s Colombia office and a Director of the MGM Sustainable Energy Fund (MSEF). He supports the identification, analysis, structuring and modeling of MSEF investment opportunities as well as the monitoring the MSEF’s investment portfolio. Prior to joining MGM Innova Capital, he was Financial and Technical Analyst at BONUS Banca de Inversión S.A.S. in Colombia. His responsibilities included financial and technical evaluation and structuring of large scale infrastructure projects and PPP programs, business appraisal and support in the acquisition/sale/divestment of businesses. Prior to this, he worked for Integral Ingeniería de Consulta S.A., in the design and feasibility assessment of hydroelectric projects and with Cemex Colombia S.A. in the evaluation, management and execution of projects.

Mr. Paz holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the School of Engineering of Antioquía, and a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Los Andes.